Wallaroo is one of the main towns on the Copper Coast located on the coast overlooking the Spencer Gulf.


Family friendly white sandy beaches in Office Beach and the Sailing Club Beach are both in Wallaroo township then North Beach is able to be driven down on to and is perfect for family games of cricket, kite flying or just relaxing and enjoying the view. Wallaroo is a commercial port with ships coming in to collect the grains grown on the Yorke Peninsula, in particular wheat and barley and is home to the Spencer Gulf prawn fleet.

Murals can be found on the sides of some of the buildings, at the museum and also along the old railway station platform. The population of Wallaroo today is around 3,700.

In 1857 when Walter Watson Hughes became the new lessee of a 104 square mile section of land he called the property "Walla-waroo", a distortion of the aboriginal "Wadla-waru", meaning wallaby urine. "Walla-waroo" eventually was shortened to Wallaroo as it was too long to stamp on wool bales. Further discoveries of copper at nearby locations led to a decision to build a smelting works in the town, and because Wallaroo was a natural deep harbour, a site was chosen near the seafront for the smelting works. It eventually became the largest smelting complex in the southern hemisphere. The copper boom lasted 62 years, and employment was at its peak and the population at record levels.

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Don’t miss in Wallaroo

  • A visit to the Wallaroo Heritage and Nautical Museum
  • The historic town drive and walk and the murals
  • Driving down on to North Beach and enjoying the wide expanse of white sand.
  • The annual New Year’s Eve fireworks and celebrations. 


  • Kadina, the largest town on the Copper Coast and Yorke Peninsula, and it’s Farm Shed Museum
  • Moonta, Moonta Bay and Port Hughes and their foreshore, jetties and National Heritage listed Moonta Mines.
  • Port Hughes beaches, golf course, jetty and boat ramp

Accommodation options 

Wallaroo has a large range of accomodation options to suit all travellers. There are two caravan parks, motels, units, villas, apartments, a farm stay, group accomodation and a large selection of holidays houses. 

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In Wallaroo you will find all your shopping requirements met with a shopping centre which includes the supermarket, there is a post office, chemist, the local hospital, doctors, dentist and other health professionals. Wallaroo has many hotels to choose from and many cafes, a bakery and restaurants spread around the town area. As well as cafes the main street has shops to explore as you wander the town. Taxi and passenger services cover the area and a bus connects with Adelaide.



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